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Before starting with PowerMap, I would suggest Study PowerPivot and PowerView in brief.

In this Page we will learn how to create PowerMap and Video in Excel 2016, example below?

Q1 - What do you understand by PowerMap?

PowerMap is 3D presentation of data, we can create 3D time visualisation of data visualization in globe. We can present our data into geographical way on a globe and create animated charts on globe.

We can create PowerMap in very simple steps, as we create PivotTable.

Lets take the example of sales around the world, Suppose your are developing a Dashboard and it have Geographical region. If you need to highlight  variance between the countries, you have to use old chart methods. Like :- Bar Chat, Column Char, Line chat etc. which describe data but not as we can describe in PowerMap.

  • PowerMap Add-In stores all the data related to geographic presentation.
  • It required 64 bit Office

Q2 - How and which type of Data required for Globe?

You must have minimum one colum in below data format.

  1. City
  2. State
  3. Country
  4. Region
  5. Zip

For Animation purpose your one field in Data should contain below format:

  1. Date
  2. Time

Q3 - OverView of Data to PowerMap

Let start with very basic data and create very basic PowerMap visualization of data on globe.

Q4 - Explain few features of PowerMap?

Few very important features of PowerMap as below :-

  1. Themes
  2. Customised text on PowerMap
  3. Map Labels to see all country.
  4. Flat Map
  5. Customized region
  6. Multi Tour
  7. Multi Layers
  8. Play and Create Video
  9. Multi tour in one video
  10. Dynamic chart shapes.
  11. Merging of layer in one tour.
  12. Heat Map make it more attractive.
  13. Motion with Date and Time

Q5 - How to add data to Data Model?

There are 2 ways to add data to ‘Data Model’.

  1. Default
  2. PowerPivot (Data Model)

Default Method

If you are having data in same Excel file then click in any cell of your data then goto Menubar ‘INSERT’ and click ‘3D Map’ the system will automatically add current data to ‘Data Model’.

PowerPivot (Data Model)

To add data to ‘Data Model’ through PowerPivot click below link.

PowerPivot Link

Q6 - OverView Of PowerMap Screen?

Once you click 3d map from Insert Menu below screen will appear.

PoweMap window is divided into below :-

  1. MenuBar / CommandBar
  2. Tours
  3. Field list
  4. PlotArea
  5. Add Layer / Field Orientation

Q7 - How to add Data to Globe(PowerMap)?

Goto Add Layer (Field orientation) and click (+) Add field and select your fields as per requirement.

Q8 - What do you understand by Tour in Maps?

The geographical data changes on date or Time is called ‘Tour‘. One ‘Tour’ is equal to one presentation.

A ‘Tour’ can have multiple Scenes, and each Scenc is equal to one slide of PowerPoint.


Q9 - What do you understand by Field list?

The header of ‘Data Model’ is called Field List, the list is similar to data header list we have in PivotTable, review snapshot below :-

We can drag the fields in Layer Pane, same way as we do in PivotTable of Excel.

Q10 - What do you understand by Layer in Globe (PowerMap)? How we can add Layer to Globe?

The Layer of PowerMap is divided into three part.

  • Data
    1. Location
    2. Height
    3. Category
    4. Time
  • Filters
  • Layer option
    1. Height
    2. Thickness
    3. Opacity
    4. Color
    5. Show Values
    6. Data Card

Will study in brief in next questions below.

Q11 - Explain different features of Layer?

OverView of Layer as below :-

  • Data
    1. Chart Type :- Graphical presentation we required on Globle.
    2. Location :- Country, City, State, ZipCode etc you need to represent on Globe.
    3. Height :- What is achieved, shown in ColumnBar, HeatMap etc.
    4. Category :- Further divide you Columnbar into sub section or Category.
    5. Time :- What the date and time of that sale or any number.
  • Filters
  • Layer option
    1. Height :- we can increase or decrease of height of any chart in Layer as per need.
    2. Thickness :- we can increase or decrease the thickness of any chart in layer.
    3. Opacity :- We can light and darken opacity of any chart object.
    4. Color :- we can change the color of chart as per requirement.
    5. Show Values :- If we need to hide few values from Presentation. Like :- Null, Zero, Negative
    6. Data Card :- If we need to change the aggregation logic for any fields.

Q12 - How animation works in PowerMap?

Once you add data (date or Time field) to ‘Time (Layer)‘ you will see below a play button added to screen, it will only play current ‘Scene’. please review snapshot below.

To play Full ‘Tour’ goto ‘PlayTour’ and select ‘Play from beginning’ it will run all scenes.

Q14 - What do you understand by Scene?

Scene is like one slide of presentation.

It include all contents we need to present in one slide.

Q15 - Explain Scene options?

In Scene we have multiple options.

  1. Scene duration (Second) :- It option is used to give time for one Scene(Slide)
  2. Scene Name :- Scene name is given as we give name to different tabs header of dashboard, This is similar name, as we have a report name.
  3. Effects
    • Transition duration :-
    • Effect :- How we need to operate globe.
  4. Time

Q16 - How to copy Scene?

As we know one scene is equal to one slide, one TOUR (Presentation) can have multiple scene.

To copy or to create duplicate scene click (+) at the bottom of TOUR. Please refer below image.

Q17 - How many type of Scene available in excel 2016?

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Q18 - What are Themes? How we can change Theme in Globe?

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Q19 - How Many Type of Themes available in PowerMap?

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Q20 - How to Play Tour?

We can play Tour in 2 ways :-



Q21 - How to Add Map Labels?

This option will show the name of each location on Globe.


Q22 - How to switch between Globe and Flat Map?

Q23 - How to search specific location in a Map?

It will search any location on Globe.



Q24 - How to Customize Region?

Q25 - How to Create Video for a animated globle?

Once you happy with you Tour, Scenes and layer. Goto Home MenuBar and click Create video.

A new option pop-up, it will ask you to select you video quality.

  • Presentations & HD Displays
  • Computers & Tablets
  • Quick Export & Mobiles

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